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Mark's life was running perfect. He had money, friends and skyrocketing fame from his viral video sensation. On the eve of his promotional tour, everything starts to come apart when he becomes the custodian of his rebellious street-wise teen-sister. He can't go on tour, an angry gangster promoter is on his heals and now his home away from home, the local beach bar, is going to be sold to greedy developers. With the help of a cast of hysterical characters from the beach community, Mark fights to hold on to the frayed ends of his life and give himself a real purpose in life. Can he save the bar, his career and his family?

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Beach Bar The Movie
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Beach Bar: The Movie is a style and attitude comedy motion picture
by Angelic Pictures of San Diego, California. This film is currently in production.
Please contact us regarding casting and product placement for Actors, Actresses and
products wanteing to participate in this funny young adult
antics film about girls, beer, beaches and bikinis.